Class Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Today you will begin working on your website re-creation projects. You are re-creating a page of a chosen website. You can either re-create it as close to how it looks as possible or put your own twist on it and do something new.

This project will include:
– Setting up a page with HTML and CSS with an external style sheet (I will help you get going with this)
– Potentially using Photoshop or Fireworks to create or edit graphics and images
– Using CSS to select appropriate colors and fonts

This is going to count as a project and it is your first project of the third quarter. Projects are worth 50% of your grade.

Don’t forget to use Firebug (right click on page, then go to Inspect Element with Firebug) to check out the code of the page you’re re-creating. It will be helpful to you in determining layout, appropriate colors and fonts, etc.

Helpful resources for selecting fonts and colors:

CSS Reference Sheet- see CSS properties for text (font and size)

CSS Font and Text Style Wizard- Test out styles for text and preview changes

CSS Colors