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1- “Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof” all day long!

2- A new design for Twitter is coming- what do you think?

3- Anyone have any college news to share?

4- I came across a cool site this morning on Twitter- helpkidscode.com

5- Back to work- let’s see how your projects are coming!


Starting Up Part 2

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You will present the apps you created on Friday.

Which ones do you like and why?  Would you use an app like this?  Why or why not?  Would you pay for an app like this?  What would be a fair price?

Now it’s on you!

You have a little over a month to make something really cool and/or work on something you really want to learn more about.  Why not give it try?

Working on your own or in a group of 3-4 people (no more, please!), you can dive into any of the following topics.  You can either play around and do tutorials or work on your own or in a group to create a product or a concept for a product (new game, app, or website).




Visual Design



Your resources (create, wireframe, follow tutorial, etc.):


Dreamweaver CS6 (use mobile template)

App Inventor

FluidUI.com (create design concept)

App tutorials

AppData.com (see top apps)

Flat UI design kits (for icons and other graphics)

Free icon sets

Touch Develop (app creation tool)

appery.io (also see appery.io article)


Mobile game app with App Inventor


Unity (open source game platform)

Touch Develop

Game Star Mechanic

Puzzle Script

Game Salad (this is a free download so if you’re interested let me know and I will have to install it)

Game Maker Studio (another free download)

Game Maker Studio tutorial



About programming languages

Mozilla Webmaker



Code Combat

Hackety Hack

Hack (created by Facebook and what Facebook is built on, similar to PHP)



Code Academy

JSDares.com (JavaScript)



CSS tools and resources

JavaScript tools and resources

Even more resources!


Dreamweaver CS6

Notepad ++

Flat UI design kits (for icons and other graphics)

Free icon sets

Top responsive design tools

Smashing Magazine (great for resources and inspiration)

20 web design tools to check out

Color tools

Web design tutorials

Button builder

Visual design





Adobe CS4- I have laptops that have Adobe programs like Photoshop and Illistrator installed on them.  If you want to use one of these to do some design work let me know.

Check out some free graphic design programs

Collage makers (be aware that some are not free)

Animatron (create animations and interactive images)

Fotor (photo editing and collages)

Color tools

Typography tutorials

Button builder



What to do?

Do you want to create something, maybe an app, game or website?

Do you just want to learn some new things and spend some time with tutorials?

Maybe you want to do a little of both?

If this is overwhelming then I can help you choose something to work on.

I have taken the time to curate a ton of resources for you and I really want you to have the chance to explore what you want and to learn more about something that really interests you.

Now is NOT the time to do homework or projects for other classes!  If it seems that you are not taking advantage of the opportunity to work on projects of your choice then I will give you assignments of my choice.


So You Wanna Launch a Start Up?

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First Challenge

I’m going to divide you into groups.

Using App Inventor or FluidUI you are going to make an app or game by the end of the period.  Your app or game must solve some kind of Medford High problem, meaning you’re coming up with an app or game that does SOMETHING for the school, fun or serious or in between.



Class Wednesday, March 26, 2014

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Of interest:

1- Want to learn the new language (Hack) that Facebook invented and is built on?

2- Women dominate every social network except for one- guess which one

App Inventor

Today we will begin using MIT App Inventor to create mobile apps.

You will need a Gmail account to use App Inventor. If you do not have one, it is free to create one. Please do so today before you begin or I will log you into my account and/or pair you with someone who has an account.

Previously, you created mobile apps using a template in Dreamweaver CS6 and you focused on altering the CSS and HTML. With App Inventor, you will use a visual programming editor and will create apps that are a bit more complex than the simple mobile site we made with Dreamweaver. Also, unlike Dreamweaver, App Inventor can only be used to develop apps for Android devices, not for Apple.

To begin, go here:


This is the tutorial we will be following.

In the top right corner, click Create.  At this point you will be asked to log in if you’re not already logged into your Gmail account.

We will test our apps either in the emulator or on the class Android device.


How could you modify this app to have a picture of a dog meowing?

How could you modify this app to have a picture of yourself singing your favorite song?

To help with this:

Free music

Free sound effects

Your Turn

Take a look at the different App Inventor tutorials and choose one to follow.  They are fun, I promise!  When you’re done and want to test your app on the phone, let me know.


Class Thursday, March 20, 2014

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1.  It’s time for a good old-fashioned Easter egg hunt!

There are 10 colored eggs hidden.  Once you find 1 egg, you are done!

However, you can keep searching for the special golden egg and for Hello Kitty.  If you see another colored egg, ignore it, that is for someone else!

If you find the golden egg and/or Hello Kitty, you get a special prize.


2.  Inside the eggs are surprises and a piece of paper with a name on it- you will be meeting with that person.  You are going to talk about your responses to the class survey.

What do you want to learn and why?

What websites do you like and why?

What apps do you like and why?

3.  Instructions for Hello Kitty finder and golden egg finder to follow

4.  We are going to have a group discussion after about what we are going to do for the rest of the year

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